Angled 40 Degree Recurve Bow V Bar

  • Model No.: AKT-SL823
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Angle : 40°
  • Color : black
  • Package : Each one packed in a durable plastic box
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    * [Multi-angle adjustable]Aluminum alloy CNC processing, unilateral multi-angle adjustable, with connecting bolts.Single sided, fully adjustable V-bar offers complete markings on all movable parts for accurate set up every time.

    * [For bows]---Easy to use, suitable for compound bow and recurve bow.It is an essential accessory for outdoor archery and jungle hunting.

    * [Good design]---Adopt fine workmanship and delicate design, smooth surface for you to use.Aluminum alloy CNC processing, unilateral multi-angle adjustable, with connecting bolts.It won't bring you any extra burdens.

    * [Convenient to use]---Very light weight, very portable, easy to load and unload

    * [Good quality]---Made of aluminum, lightweight and compact.Can be used for a long time without being easily broken. It is a must-have accessory for bows and arrows.

    * [Quick disconnect]---Equip with Stabilizer,Efficiently reduce vibration, Increase shooting accuracy


    Solid machined aluminum construction,lightweight but durable

    Compact design for beginner bows

    Tapered connector bolt for extra strong fix,angled 40°x0°


    Product Detail:


    Efficiently reduce vibration and increase shooting accuracy

    Anodized finish

    Easy to install


    Tapered connector bolt for extra strong fix


    Solid machined aluminum construction


    Angled 40°


    Anodized finish

    A v-bar and side-rods combination increases the inertia of the bow in all planes of rotation, but especially in the axis of rotation around the arrow. So it reduces tip-to-tip wobbles. It can also help to give a more level platform for shooting, by balancing the bow vertically in the manner of a tightrope walker with his arms out.An essential part on your stabilizers system!

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