Essential Accessories Guide for Recurve Bows

When picking up archery as a new hobby, it’s important to purchase the right accessories to help you improve your performance and form.

With so many accessories to choose from, it is difficult to choose the essentials.

Here, we’ve compiled a helpful checklist.


Essential Recurve Bow Accessories


Bow Sight

Bow sights help archers aim and hit targets with greater consistency.

Most recurve bows don’t have a built-in sight, but if you’re a beginner and want to improve your accuracy, then you can use it. Also, it is perfectly legal to use arrow sights in archery competitions.

Bow Stabilizer

Stabilizers are available in different forms and sizes, again for different purposes, to allow for more stability as sure. Steadiness will contribute to achieving better accuracy. Target archers need more steadiness, they use long and wide stabilizers to spread and balance even more weight to reach further levels of accuracy.

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Arrow Rest

Arrow rests hold arrows in specific locations for consistency and accuracy. Recurve archers shoot from racks more often, but a dedicated arrow rest will improve accuracy.

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Cushion plunger

Target archers, especially Olympic recurve archers use it to precisely place the arrow on the rest and to assist with the proper flight of the arrow.

Bow Stringer

While many people can string their bows without useful stringers, many archers damage their bows this way. Stringers are the safe way to go.


Essential Recurve Bow Shooting Gear


Archery Quiver

Archery quiver is a must for archery accessories. They store your arrows safely and conveniently, also make it easy for you to pull one arrow at a time on the shooting line. As an added bonus, it can usually hold more than just arrows. A quiver can be a great companion when you’re out and using a bow.

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Bow stand

A foldable bow stand is perfect for holding your bow anywhere.

It is very useful when you need to drop the bow when you are not using it. For example, you don’t want to carry a bow with you when you need to retrieve an arrow.

With a stand, you don’t have to worry about where to place your bow or on the ground.

Bow stand helps lift the bow off the ground. So they don’t get dirty or wet while remaining more stable.

Finger tab

Finger tab is used to protect your fingers when holding the bowstring. Usually held in place by passing it through the first index finger, a tab through the second knuckle or attached to the thumb ring.

So they protect your fingers when they get hit by a string or a bow that’s too high. They also help prevent fingers from slipping into the release and provide a place to support the thumb.

Arm guard 

Arm guard is high-density foam, fabric, or leather protective pieces that you wear on your bow-holding arm. It protects you from string blows as you learn proper archery form.

Just in case, though, you’ll probably keep wearing it whether you need it or not. Even the best archers have accidents.

Bow case

A bow is an investment. A case keeps it safe during travel, storage or while in the field. Easily store and secure all your archery equipment and accessories with cases.