New Arrivals By S&S Sports Supply

Ningbo S&S Sports developed several new arrivals for your selection for hunting season.To make our dear customers have better markets ,we have improved the function,structure or the color collocation based on the previous hot sale products.Our new arrivals are more multifunctional,more modern and have better design.

Share the functions of  new arrivals down below.

Deluxe Compound Bow Case

Compound bow cases are specially designed to store your compound bow, keeping your bow safe from accidental damage or dings.

Rigid and well padded cases are particularly popular with Compound Bows as they provide the best protection for the bow. 

Worth checking the length of your bow axle the axle and choosing a case that will take the size of bow you use allowing for the total length of the bow to the outer edge of the cams.

If you want to find the right compound bow case for your customers ,

please click :  Deluxe Compound Bow Case 

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Target Quivers

A target quiver is a container or a holder for storing and transporting arrows ,it essentially provides an archer with access to all their arrows in one place. 

It is primarily carried on an archer’s body. Target quivers typically hold about a dozen of arrows, on average-though they do range in size .And that’s quite topical because quivers make things much easier for archers too.

Find quivers with professional factory and competitive prices?

You can click: Durable 3-Tube Archery Target Quiver 

                       New Design Deluxe Target Quiver  

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Arm Guard

An arm guard,  helps protect the inside of the archers forearm. The arm guard will hold loose clothing out of the way of the bow string and also prevent the arrow fletching and bow string from hitting the archers forearm.

For more details about our new arm guard, please check : Durable Archery Arm Guard 


Post time: Apr-22-2022