AKT-QT515B DIY Adjustable Feathers Stick Tool Archery Vertical Arrow Feather Bonding Device Fletching Jig

  • Model No.: AKT-QT515B
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    Specifications :

    Product Dimension (mm): 120*120*260mm
    Single Item Weight: 1.13kgs
    Packaging: Single item per one white box, 10 boxes per outer carton
    Ctn Dimension (mm): 660*270*305mm
    Ctn G.W: 11.8kgs/ctn

    Product Description:

    Arrow shaft holder
    Magnet for clamp with inclination bolts
    Rotation knob (nock adaptor mounted)
    3-/4- fletch setup switch block
    Crossbow bolt adaptor
    Laser engraved

    How to use this fletching jig ?

    1.This fletching jig includes 5 parts.
    A .Arrow shaft holder
    B.Magnet for clamp with inclination bolts
    C.Rotation knob (nock adaptor mounted)
    D.3-/4- fletch setup switch block
    E.Crossbow bolt adaptor


    2.Unscrew /lock bolts for adjustment of the fletching on the shaft.
    By unscrewing the bolts,the clamp holder can be moved in a parallel or inclined way to fit your needs .


    3.Rotate knob to set the next position for fletching.

    Note: When you feel the “click “, the position is ok .


    4.Loosen the switch block by unscrewing the retaining screw with supplied tool.


    5.Slide the switch block in the position of choice .Forward =3-Fletch ,Backward = 4-Fletch


    6.Your Vertical Fletching Jig is now ready for usage .


    7.Unscrew the locking screw of the nock adaptor at the bottom side of the Vertical Fletching Jig.


    8.Take out the brass nock adaptor and store it in a safe place.


    9.Slide the bolt shaft into the plastic adaptor and fasten it by screwing the top bolt adaptor.


    10.Fasten the locking screw at the bottom of the jig again.


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