Archery Leather Arm Guard For Outdoor Practice

Product Dimension (mm): 180*100*70mm

Single Item Weight:390g

Packaging: Single item per one clam shell, 15 pcs per outer carton

Ctn Dimension (mm):43*31*33cm

G.W per Ctn: 7kgs

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Why do people archers wear arm guards ?

For the most part, archers wear arm guards because it’s a personal preference they have to protect themselves from the bow string when firing the bow. Also, an arm guard will help hold loose clothing out of the way of the bow string which could have otherwise thrown off the shot.
It protects the archer's forearm against injury by accidental whipping from the bowstring or the fletching of the arrow while shooting, and also prevents the loose sleeve from catching the bowstring.

Product Detail

Product Dimensions (cm):17*8.5cm
Single Item Weight: 0.068 kg
Packaging: Single item per polybag with header , 100 opp bags per outer carton
Ctn Dimension (cm): 45*32*42cm
G.W per Ctn: 7.8kgs

Specs: :

This leather arm guard is very durable .
It is easily adjustable to fit most size arms.
This leather arm guard is lightweight and easy to carry.
The arm guard will protect your forearm from being hit by the bowstring.

AKT-SL945 (1)
AKT-SL945 (2)

Details about the arm guard :

1.Dual layered protection
2.Genuine leather
3.Reinforced with brown soft leather
4.Hook and elastic fitting

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